Google’s Mobile Update May 2016

Google’s Mobile Update May 2016

Google's Mobile Update May 2016In May 2016, Google will be increasing the scrutiny on non-mobile-friendly websites.  This announcement came recently from Google’s Webmaster Central Blog. This update is part of the significant Mobile update from last April 21st, 2015, coined MOBILEGEDDON.

Google states that the update will be released, “the beginning of May [and it will] increases the effect of the [mobile-friendly] ranking signal.” This mobile-friendly ranking signal was deemed the most important ranking factor for all of 2015. This update is expected to put a harsh focus non-mobile-friendly websites.Google’s mobile update will roll out over several days to a few weeks as each page of the internet is scanned and graded with either a PASS or FAIL. There is no gray area or forgiveness when in comes to this ranking signal.

What we should surmise from Google’s mobile update is that if your website has not been updated to be mobile-friendly, you will lose position on the Google in favor of a competitor that has a mobile-friendly presence online. Color Fire’s approach to mobile-friendliness is to create a responsive website that displays well under any circumstance. Having a responsive website is crucial to a good user experience in today’s on-the-go environment. Your website should render correctly on all devices, whether it be big screen television, a desktop computer, a tablet or one of many thousands of screen resolution variations of cell phones on the market today.

Google offers a free Mobile-Friendly Test which will analyze your website.

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