All the Likes You Want (on Social Media) 

If you aren’t on social at this point, you are behind the game. Unfortunately, we find many small businesses either don’t have their business accounts set up or they are very rarely in use. At Color Fire, we get it. You are busy running your business and let’s be real – we all can get a little sucked in by social. You just don’t have time for it. Except somehow your competitors are finding the time (or a company to do it for them). Stay on top of the game by having a team behind your team.

At Color Fire we excel at keeping up with all the latest features on social media platforms. Nearly our entire team grew up being the first users of Facebook, MySpace, and regrettably, LiveJournal. Like any good social media marketing company, you need one that understands the ins and outs. What makes us different? We don’t break your bank.

Color Fire can help you determine which social media platforms provide the right avenues to reach your customers and the content to keep your social profiles active and engaging. We also create a strategic social marketing plan so you know what we are posting every month.

Social media marketing
Social media is free after all, right? So why should you pay?

Not quite. An effective social media presence is more than just posting random content. It is about creating an active and engaging environment for your customers. Color Fire possesses the expertise to implement, plan, and manage customer feedback.

Social Platforms to Consider


Let’s say this together – 1.9 BILLION USERS. That isn’t something to turn your nose at. Honestly, every business should consider this a minimum requirement.


Now owned by Facebook, it is actual much easier to use for business than its inception. It’s not a surprise that it’s an ever-growing platform either. A picture is worth… yeah you know.


We really think this is a misunderstood resource for small businesses. You can really connect with potential customers and build relationships online.


Okay, it’s not as big as the other hitters but a lot of people use it to discover new ideas and products. You can also engage people differently through visuals and content.


This is where professionals go to meet, discuss, and grow businesses and a lot are small business owners. Cross promotion and brand awareness can really propel your company.


If you are looking for the younger crowd, this is where they are – and not just the teenagers. We are talking the elusive millennials (they are older now). Bring your business to the party.


Is this social? Essentially it is, with a GPS function. It’s a great way to get your customers on the go. It’s great for local companies and restaurants wanting to be seen.

Social Media Marketing July 18, 2018