Get to Know Color Fire.


Who We Are

Founded in 2012, Color Fire Media started out as a website design company. Tony Gallagher, along with friends, worked on creating new and vibrant websites for local small businesses. Their main focus was to update the look and user experience on many Annapolitan company websites. From there, the dream grew.

In 2014, it was decided to expand our offerings to include Marketing Services. There was an obvious need that our clients had. Now they had a great website, how do we drive people to it? Then began the great expansion. And there were mistakes made. All small businesses know there are growing pains, and Color Fire had ours. We dropped the Media from our name, and then we also downsized our company. It was a crucial decision in 2016 to get back to our roots and passion: helping small business owners grow their businesses.

The best part is, we feel our story makes us a better marketing agency. We understand what it takes to grow a company and the mistakes that happen along the way. You learn. You get better. It’s our mission to be passionate about your business and identify opportunities for growth through marketing and advertising. At Color Fire, we come to work every day excited about what we do, helping small business owners build their brands.

Color Fire also takes pride in our team. We have carefully selected each member for their key expertise and training in their field. Not to brag (okay a little) but we think we make magic happen every day. We love what we do, and it shows. At our core, Color Fire is about making high-quality marketing available to the average business owner. Why should all the awesome things only be for big businesses? That’s why we do what we do. Making small businesses show how awesome they are since 2012.

Meet Our Team

Tony Gallagher, Founder / CEO

Small Business Owner, Maryland Native, and Jack of all Trades

Shannon Beauchamp Lepthien, Director of Operations & Marketing

Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Florida State University

John Mullen, IT Specialist

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Towson University

Company July 18, 2018