5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Works

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Works

Is email dead? No, and if you think it is, here are the top 5 reasons why email marketing still works.

1. Email is an easy way to reach mobile customers.

Everyone uses their phones to check social media, to read the news and to check their email. Before starting their day, before going to sleep, or on-the-go; consumers use their phones for just about everything. It’s changing the way we market entirely. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 52 percent of US cellphone owners access their emails from their phones. What does this mean? It means, that it’s time to start designing emails for cellphone users, not just desktop.

Furthermore, email is what your recipients are expecting. Customers still prefer to receive marketing promotions and offers through email. This means that customers are not only expecting your messages, they want them! Here at Color Fire, we know what your consumers want. With our email marketing services, we can design emails that are catered to consumers within your industry.

2. Email marketing is measurable.

Color Fire Email Marketing Process

Our email marketing process is simple. With our templates we increase your conversions and in time, your ROI.

Regardless of your marketing goals, the ultimate goal for us to turn your potential customers into paying customers. Email is highly measurable. When it comes to conversions, there isn’t a more powerful channel than email. Facebook and Twitter can help drive traffic to your website, but not as well, however. According to Campaign Monitor, 90% of email gets delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox, whereas only 2% of your Facebook fans see your posts appear in their News Feed. Unfortunately, this is because Facebook limits the number of time your posts appear in the New Feed in an attempt to drive brands towards their paid advertising options. Email is the proven marketing channel to ensure your audience gets your message. With email marketing, you can include your blogs too. The benefits of blogs are to ensure that people are looking at your website.

3. Email has a higher ROI.

Given email’s unmatched ability to drive conversions, it would make sense that email is also the most effective marketing channel to drive ROI. Unlike social networks, email allows you to to be hyper-targeted with your communications. What it comes down to is delivering highly personalized and relevant messages. Email list segmentation helps to ensure the content that is sent, is being sent to every individual recipient. Also, that relevance drives people to click-through, make purchases, and increase ROI of their email marketing campaigns.

4. Email is an open platform.

As mentioned earlier, Facebook has frequently updated it’s algorithm to reduce the number of followers who will see a brand’s post. Facebook and Twitter are also owned and controlled by third parties that make changes to their platform. Don’t misunderstand us when we say that Facebook and Twitter are good for your business, however, email has more benefits. If you’re interested in which social platform is best for your business, Twitter or Facebook, we have the answer. Email, on the other hand, isn’t owned or controlled by any one particular entity. When emails are sent to your consumers, they are directly sent to your consumers. Nothing is being interred in the process at all.

5. Email marketing is inexpensive.

To sum up, the best reason to use email marketing: it’s easy, effective, and inexpensive. Email marketing allows business owners to reach a large number or consumers at a low rate. For small business owners on a budget, email is a better choice than marketing channels like TV, radio, or direct mail.

Email may be decades old, and it may be an old tactic but it remains a vital one. It’s easy to get started with email marketing Understandably, business owners may be too busy to handle email marketing on their own, this is something we here at Color Fire can assist you with. For information about email marketing, read up on the email marketing service page.

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