SEO Competitor Analysis

Color Fire SEO Competitor Analysis

SEO Competitor Analysis helps set the bar.

Knowing where your competition, or even just business similar to yours, stand is important in knowing where you should be.  With an SEO competitor analysis you are not only able to see what you are doing well, but where you can work to do better than your competitors.

Whether you have us work for you or not, any SEO analysis strategy should include an in-depth competitive analysis, helping you to focus on how best to beat out your competitor. This means comparing usability, web page layout and site structure, testing the technologies used to create a site, keywords, back-linking, content analysis and more. At Color Fire, we use a comprehensive platform that crawls your and some of your top competitors.

This report of competitors’ websites gives Color Fire insight to evaluate the quality of content and design your competitors have. It also allows us to set the bar of where you need to be. Monitoring your competitions’ keyword use, density, and location can tell you what work for them how you could improve your own site.

Together, we will learn your competitor’s strengths implement a plan to allow you to rank above the rest.  Monitoring your competition is a never-ending task, and we at Color Fire can take this off your hands.

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