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The best place to start when assessing your website is an SEO audit. The audit allows us to see what you are doing well, what needs improvement and errors that might exist in your back-end, hurting where your business is showing up in search engines.

How do we do it?

Color Fire’s SEO experts use a website crawling and analysis tool to gather an overall grading of your sites effectiveness in relation to SEO.  The in-depth report allows us to see on-page and off-page ranking factors that contribute to your score. This detailed SEO audit includes:

  • On-page Website Analysis
  • Mobile Rendering and Optimization
  • Usability Tracking
  • Technology Check-up
  • Social Readiness
  • Local Reputation Audit
  • Traffic and Visitor Ranking
  • Competitive Analysis

The SEO audit gives valuable insights and returns a tally of success, errors and areas where improvement is needed. This review shows what the top priorities are for your website and actionable times that can be taken immediately to help you fix any errors.

We don’t just offer a one-time report either. We continually track and monitor your website, making sure that any new additions to your website, reviews or social all are helping your business grow.

Having a thorough SEO audit puts answers at your fingertips, enabling Color Fire to assess the best strategy to your site ranking where your consumers are looking for you.

Interested in seeing how your site is performing?  Contact us today to get your SEO Audit!

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