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Put your best foot forward with Reputation Management.

Reputation management is everything. In fact, 73% of consumers state that positive customer online reviews make them trust a business more* . We know the right steps to take to put trust and confidence into the minds of your customers.

Color Fire’s online reputation management services are designed to go into the world of social media, blogs, forums, and review sites, find mentions of your brand and protect against negative brand associations.

Good or bad; reviews hold a lot of sway over online consumers. The reality is that ultimately all kinds of reviews will appear from brutally honest, to brilliantly positive, along with plenty in between.

This is why Color Fire will work with you to determine an approach which best minimizes negative feedback and highlights brand advocates. Having a proactive approach allows us to populate popular review sites with fresh and positive comments that will make the quality of your business shine. It is important to note that while removing all negative feedback is nearly impossible, many consumers are able to take those undesirable reviews with a grain of salt when surrounded by an overload of constructive reactions.

Color Fire will help you take an excellent first step in controlling the tone of conversations concerning your business and its practices.


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