Phone Call Tracking

Color Fire Phone Call Tracking

Phone Call Tracking

Color Fire knows that most people start searching for products and services online. Yet some consumers still prefer picking up the phone and talking to someone. Research has shown that 54% of people want the reassurance of some human interaction before completing a purchase.*

Even with that, many companies don’t have insight to how their online marketing is directly effecting inbound call traffic. With Color Fire, we help you to gain insight into where and how your dollar spent online are affecting your calls in-store. This helps you to determine what campaigns have the greatest ROI and uncover what keywords and online mediums are driving the most phone calls.

Just having a traditional number doesn’t allow you to see the full picture. Phone tracking gives you the tools to manage online lead flow such as email, SEO and paid search ads. Not every lead stays one, so a solution that unites online, offline and mobile leads is a solution you need.

*Source: Harris Interactive

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