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Ad Tracking

Make your advertising money work for you.  As they say, history repeats itself, and the best way to know if your advertising is working for your business is by analyzing your online history.  Color Fire uses superior ad tracking programs and reporting so that you know where and how to best represent your company.

With our Google partnership and ongoing monitoring and reporting system, Color Fire utilizes consumer responses, feedback, and behavior to identify traffic referrals on your website.  Our next step is to analyze ad spending, thus tracking brand awareness.  Through this, we implement further developments based on the existing strengths and weakness of your ad campaign.  Ad tracking is used to establish the best way for your personal business to catch the eyes of your customers.

By enhancing your online advertising awareness, you will elevate your online viewing hits, heighten your customer base, and increase your customer conversion rate.  Allowing Color Fire to continually tweak advertisement methods is the first step to an effective marketing strategy.  In this age of technology, ad tracking has become the norm.  Don’t get left in the past.

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