Analytic Services

Color Fire Analytic Services

Analytic Services

You may have a website, you might even have an awesome website, and more likely than not you know exactly what your customers are looking for. But, do you know how your website is performing?

At Color Fire we geek out about numbers, and we know how to interpret the data; especially in identifying how to grow your business. Our analytic services determine real-time data including how people are finding you, where they are coming from, what they are searching for and how your website converts users to new leads.

It is about more than just your website though. You might have email campaigns, social media profiles, and paid media all directed at your website. But do you know which one is giving you the best return on investment (ROI)? Color Fire’s analytic services will give you powerful knowledge about your marketing methods; making you better aware of which platforms are benefiting your business. Color Fire  transforms this data into an easy-to-understand, complete picture of your audience and how your site is performing so that we can successfully gear your business in the right direction.

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