How Pokémon Go Can Help Small Business

How Pokémon Go Can Help Small Business

How Pokémon Go Can Help Small Business

Although most people think that this game is a ‘fad’, Pokémon Go can help your small business gain new business and awareness.

Everyone is playing Pokémon Go. If you’re not already playing it yourself, you’ve no doubt heard about it. More importantly, Pokémon Go can help your small business gain new business and awareness. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the new mobile and augmented reality game is having an enormous impact on people’s daily routines. Most people will agree that Pokémon Trainers are trying to be the very best, like no one ever was. You may have also heard how businesses are upset or embracing this hot game. So, that begs the question – how can Pokémon Go help your small business?

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the new mobile and augmented reality game is having an enormous impact on people’s daily routines. People are going further in search for local PokéStops and are exploring new areas. For small businesses, this could mean gaining of new customers and awareness. Here’s how Pokémon Go can help small business:

Find Out if Your Business is a Gym or PokéStop

Pokémon Go has entered the new phase of gaming, taking people out of their homes and off their couches. To play, users walk around in their immediate surroundings to find and catch Pokémon. The more you catch, the more points you get. At PokéStops players can get more equipment to play the game and at Gyms there are able to battle other users. Figuring out whether your business is PokéStop or Gym is the first thing you should do. PokéStops and Gyms attract foot traffic without any effort. Players will naturally flock to them for rewards and items for battle. Don’t get discouraged if your business isn’t a Gym or PokéStop. It just means you have to be more creative and or ask your marketing company to assist you.

Sit Back, Throw Down a Lure, and Enjoy the Show

Pokémon Go Can Help Small Business Color Fire Pokémon Go

Here is a screenshot of one of our Color Fire employees experiencing Pokémon Go and what lures are.

Pokémon Go offers a range of in-app purchases. The one that is most important for your small business is Lures. Lures increase the rate of Pokémon that is generated in the area around the PokéStop where they are placed for 30 minutes. That may not sound like a long time or powerful, but Pokémon is scarcer than you think. Luring is an insanely powerful tool that you honestly, have to see it believe it. For a little more than a dollar an hour, you can bring virtually guaranteed crowds to your business. The ROI potential is great. So, if your business is anywhere near a PokéStop, this is something you need to try.

Here are some tips for different types of business:

  • If you’re a restaurant, you could tell customers, or even put table tops on your tables saying, “Refuel after catching Pokémon Go! 20% your drinks if you screen shot Pokémon caught near or in our restaurant!”
  • If you’re a clothing store, you could drive more people in with a chalkboard sign advertising you’re near a PokéStop.

Get Mobile With Pokémon

No we don’t mean phones. We mean get moving. One way to make your business part of the Pokémon Go phenomenon is to find a spot where you can orchestrate the Lure or Gym strategies. For example, if you’re a fashion retailer, maybe this means loading up a van with some of your latest styles and setting up a stand near a PokéStop or Gym. Since Pokémon are everywhere, you want to go where you have the best chance of finding success. Take advantage of places where you have clusters of PokéStops. Lay down Lures, and before you know it, you’ll have a serious crowd on your hand.

Embrace Pokémon Users

Pokémon Go Can Help Small Business Pokémon Go in Annapolis Mall

Even the Annapolis Mall has PokéStops and a gym nearby. It’s the perfect foot-traffic location to promote your business.

Even if your business is nowhere near a PokéStop or a Gym, you’re still going to have Pokémon. One way to get people excited about visiting your business is to promote local Pokémon on social media. (Learn more about which social media platform would be the best for your business here.) Also, show off the valuable or rare Pokémon popping up in your area as well. Furthermore, you can create incentives for your customers playing Pokémon. Consider running it like a referral program:

  • Have them upload the picture and tag you on social media, so that their followers know about you too.
  • Promote the fact that you’re rewarding users who find rare Pokemon at your business.

Furthermore, incorporate hashtags like #Pokémongo and #Pokémon to get the message out to your potential customers. If you do this correctly, you can turn your store into a viral sensation.

In the end, it is about making your business timely and relevant, which everyone wants to do. Embracing Pokémon Go can help small business because of the new foot traffic in areas that people weren’t going before. With Pokémon Go, businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to create strong emotional bonds with new customers, and for very little money. Even if Pokémon Go isn’t a powerful tool for driving sales months from now or a year from now, the customers will reach out to now, will remember you tomorrow.

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