Does the Death of Google+ Affect My Business?

Does the Death of Google+ Affect My Business?


Google+ Going Bye-Bye?

This past March Google made the announcement that they would be making changes to Google+ which created a buzz in the social virtual world. There was talk that Google+ was officially-unofficially dead. But as the fog is clearing, it is becoming apparent that it is not dead yet, but is certainly going through major changes. So major that you may not have even felt the effect or realized that anything was even going on. We are being facetious of course, but in all seriousness, Google often makes changes that go unnoticed by the “regular folk,” just going about their business on the daily.

What is changing about Google+?

The first of many changes that Google applied was to appoint Bradley Horowitz, a longtime product VP at Google, head of Google+ replacing the previous leader, David Bresbis. Perhaps the bigger news, though, was what exactly he would be taking over. Horowitz never actually used the brand name “Google+” to describe his role, instead referring to it by the less succinct name “Google’s Photos and Streams.” The social network clearly still exists and looks unchanged from a user perspective, but the way it is being framed publicly and privately appears to be shifting. Google then started a trend in the past few months, as they began separating out services. YouTube and Google Blog separated in July, Photos and Google+ separated in June (Google+ Photos changed to +Google Photos). These started the idea that G+ was dying. A lot of people argue it isn’t going anywhere, it is just changing.

Google+ versus local Google business

Okay yes, it seems the the social network as we knew it is more or less dead but this isn’t the same for Google+ Local Business Listings. Having a local G+ Business page will become more important as mobile search grows and local listings are the target. Consider your target audience, people are always searching for hours, location and contact information so this is important to keep updated. We are not necessarily referring to your personal a G+ page, but your business page. It is so important to establish this so that you can be found on the “world-wide directory.” If you have questions about this, contact Color Fire…we are Google certified. So what do these changes mean to your personal or business Google+ Page? According to reports from analysts, this shift in strategies for Google+ has arguably been years in the making. Coming straight from the source, Horowitz wrote:

“Google+ is quickly becoming a place where people engage around their shared interests, with the content and people who inspire them. In line with that focus, we’re continuing to add new features like Google+ Collections, where you can share and enjoy posts organized by the topics you care about. At the same time, we’ll also move some features that aren’t essential to an interest-based social experience out of Google+. We think changes like these will lead to a more focused, more useful, more engaging Google+.”

Our Advice

The final takeaway: Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Like every other online platform, G+ is about relationships. Making those connections never dies, no matter what platform does die. If you take the time to cultivate those relationships, it doesn’t matter what social platform you are on, the relationships will grow. While we don’t think G+ is dead for business, we suggest you continue to reach out in other ways. The final hope is that these changes will be right for all of Google’s users – those who are on Google+ every day, and those who are not.  

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