4 Important Takeaways From Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference

4 Important Takeaways From Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference

F8 Developer Conference

Facebook hosted its annual F8 Developer Conference, a 2-day affair in San Francisco, to share with developers and investors it’s plans and visions for the future. The conference was aimed at informing developers how Facebook seeks to break out of the “social network” bubble with new technology roll outs like Augmented Reality glasses and drones. It also provided some valuable takeaways that will affect business owners using the platform as a marketing tool. Here are four important takeaways from Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference.

1. Messenger Bots
  • Facebook’s new Bots for Messenger Platform can provide anything from customized communications to information like daily weather and traffic updates directly to those users who want to receive them.
  • Businesses can opt to pay to send re-engagement (automated) messages to people who start a conversation with them (Messenger Ads).

Takeaway: Businesses can now respond to more than one message at once without actually being logged on to Facebook. A better response rate and customized messages will lead to improved customer reviews and the ability to leverage interactive CTA’s.

2. Saving The Web
  • Due to the overwhelming response of the “save this post” option Facebook has decided to extend the functionality of its “save to Facebook” option to the wider web.
  • Now you can save any article/page from an external website to your Facebook saved links list.
  • Quote Sharing, a new text sharing feature, will enable you to share highlighted text from another website directly to your Facebook page.

Takeaway: It is possible that a save prompt feature could become available to Facebook Pages, giving brands an edge in a heavy content environment.

3. Social Virtual Reality (VR)
  • VR still in development; but just to prove CEO Mark Zuckerberg will never miss the mark when new tech is involved Facebook is investing ways to make VR or Virtual Reality into a more practical,  wearable option.
  • You may not have to try on those bulky binocular type headsets to experience virtual reality and will even see Artificial Intelligence (AI) playing a key role in Facebook’s future.

Takeaway: Facebook’s AI development will improve image search, improve relevant content suggestions, generate captions for media, and more.

4. Video Rights
  • Facebook announced a new Rights Manager tool to let publishers upload video content they do not want duplicated across the web.
  • Publishers will have the ability to monitor their content including how much of a video was copied, what pages have posted the content and how many impressions it’s received.

Takeaway: Facebook will monitor for duplicate videos ensuring your page receives the credibility it deserves.

Facebook’s F8 demonstrated to the world how much larger and how much more of a threat the company is becoming for traditional tech giants. Facebook’s capabilities now range farther beyond the spectrum of a conventional social network and into a worldwide goal of expanding the populations access to the internet as a resource to bringing nations, businesses and leaders together.

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